Justin Kelefas Fine Art Photographer

I am a natural born artist and entirely self taught. When I discovered my talent, It was just a hobby. I never dreamed I would become one of the best photographers in the world. It still it feels like I have only just begun this incredible journey. It has become a fire that burns within the deepest parts of my soul. I love learning, growing and sharing with others along the way. Each one, teach one. When you succeed at anything, turn around and pull someone else up. It’s about the lives I can touch and encourage as I live each day. Sharing the beauty that brings life and peace to others through my art. People want something they can feel, and I work hard to have the privilege of creating photographic art that many love and enjoy.


I offer a wide range of very helpful services that can be included into your purchase:

• Free consultation on vision, style, sizing, lighting and installation.

• Photography of desired wall spaces, or simply email your own photos.

• Mock-up samples of art on your walls to help you see before you buy.

• Lighting installation by electrician, or we can consult with yours.

• Art installation by specialized professional art installers if needed.