Custom Sizes Available


Justin Kelefas Fine Art Photography sets the standard for luxury and quality in fine art prints. Each piece is meticulously produced using ChromaLuxe panels, recognized across the industry as the benchmark for professional photographers and discerning artists. These panels not only deliver unparalleled clarity and vibrant colors but also boast an impressive longevity, proven to last over 65 years.

Through the use of the finest equipment and materials, Justin ensures that every print captures the essence of his original vision, providing collectors and businesses with artworks that are both stunning and durable. Experience the beauty and precision of Justin Kelefas’ work—a true investment in lasting artistry.

Alpine Flowers Blooming at Mount Rainier - Wall Art Decor Sample

Custom Framing

Enhance the impact of your fine art with our custom-framed metal prints. At Justin Kelefas Fine Art Photography, we understand that the presentation of art is as important as the artwork itself. Our metal prints are not only vibrant and detailed but also beautifully encased in high-quality frames that complement any decor.

Choose from a variety of modern and traditional frames that can be tailored to meet the specific aesthetic of your space. Whether it’s a sleek, minimalist frame to maintain the contemporary vibe, or a bold, ornate frame to make a statement, we have the perfect option to showcase your chosen piece.

Custom Framing is available upon request only. Please call 561-889-6809 or send us an email for more information.

Life Like Clarity & Detail

Elevate your indoor environment with ChromaLuxe metal prints. Whether you’re curating a home gallery, perfecting an office or lobby, or improving a commercial atmosphere, ChromaLuxe metal prints are the finest quality archival print substrate available using state of the art technology. Many people say it feels like you are standing in the scene itself.

Archival Quality

These substrates and coatings mean images are rendered in a virtually ageless medium that can withstand environmental factors such as sun and rain.

All ChromaLuxe HD metal prints are finished with a premium (float mount) frame backing and an aluminum hanging plate that easily mounts to your wall in minutes.

Ready To Hang wall art by justin kelefas
Ready To Hang Premium Frame Mount Backing

Mounting Hardware & Level Included

Sea Turtle Serenity - Underwater Photography Wall Art Decor sample

Easy To Hang

ChromaLuxe photographic panels are easy to mount in both interior and outdoor environments and do not require additional framing before hanging unless desired. Each print comes with mounting hardware & a level.

Ultra Lightweight

ChromaLuxe prints are 100% aluminium, they are very lightweight and easy to carry, relocate or display without additional mounting hardware required.


Custom Sizes Available

The Highest Quality Canvas Prints

Justin’s fine art photography canvas prints are a widely loved traditional style favorite. If your decor is more traditional vs contemporary, canvas will be a great look. Using the finest quality canvas available, you will be very pleased with the final result.

Canvas prints are hand stretched and wrapped over a premium quality wood frame. If you would like to purchase a canvas print without stretching, we offer rolled canvas as well.

Canvas prints are available in either a gloss or a satin finish. Even though they don’t need it, they can easily be framed. We offer many framing options or you can purchase a canvas print have it framed yourself.

Custom Framing

Immerse yourself in the texture and warmth of custom-framed canvas prints. Justin Kelefas’ canvas works bring a classic, tactile presence to his stunning photographs, enriched further by our bespoke framing options. Each frame is chosen to enhance the artwork’s visual appeal and to integrate seamlessly into your collection or interior design. From elegant float frames that add a light, sophisticated touch, to robust traditional frames that underscore the artwork’s presence, our custom frames cater to a diverse range of styles and preferences.

Custom Framing is available upon request only. Please call 561-889-6809 or send us an email for more information.

Installed Artwork